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My ex boyfriend was a pilot.

Of course I can read this.

Half my mother’s family are ore were pilots.

Of course I can read this.

My dad’s a pilot and I sail. 

Of course I can read this.

this is actually called the NATO phonetic alphabet or the ICAO phonetic alphabet.

My dad was in the navy.

Also, I’m a Dollhouse fan.


I learnt it as a kid because I’m weird.

I can read this because its just the first letter of every word.

^ That. It’s not an unbreakable code, guys….

Took me a sec, but I got it

I can read this because im not an idiot.

I can read this because I work at IT Services and people can’t hear so we have to spell out words to them. Fucking idiots.


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    Is it bad I got this
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    This is not hard at all.
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    I can. It’s easy.
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    I seriously wonder why I haven’t been evaluated for ICUT but I am the Communications Officer.
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    Of course. Only because of EMT training.
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    cadet… the following reads: Tango Hotel India Sierra _space_ Papa Oscar Sierra Tango _space_ Wiskey Alpha Sierra _space_...
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