Lindsay. 22. Ghibli lover. I'm a media production major in university and this blog has nothing to do with any of that. I post what I like when I like it. If you see one of my opinions you'd like to attack, please do; it adds entertainment value to my life and my blog.

<3 you followers!

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About Lindsay


Hi! I’ve gone by many monickers around here, but you can call me Lindsay. I’m 22 and currently a senior in university. I won’t graduate until winter 2014, so don’t expect me to find a real job anytime soon. I currently have a very wonderful boyfriend,, and am very happy with where I am in life.

You should know that this blog is for me. I’m not trying to please anyone but myself and I have some very unpopular and honest opinions (many times for which I get hate). I am a Libertarian and believe that most of the teenagers on this website are immature and need to grow the fuck up. 

I like anime, BBC, and an endless list of American TV shows. I like to read and am a very large film fan. If you have any questions or want to harass me for being the confident woman I am today, go ahead and drop me an ask. I always respond.